Regarding the exportation of tanned leather

Forasmuch as albeit the exportation of tanned leather, made shoe leather, yarn and tallow be expressly prohibited and forbidden under diverse pains mentioned and contained in the acts and constitutions made relating thereto, especially the confiscation of the said commodities and the whole remaining goods of the buyers and transporters thereof, nevertheless the past negligence in not seeking the execution of the said acts and the oversight and connivance of the searchers has produced a very great contempt, break and violation of the said acts, and great numbers of persons, preferring their private gain to the obedience of the law, are not afraid privately and publicly to transport the said commodities, to the great hurt of the common good; therefore, the estates presently convened ordain new intimation and publication to be made of the said acts, certifying all and sundry persons who shall violate, contravene and break the same that they shall be noted, tried and punished accordingly. And the said estates ordain and command all searchers within this kingdom, every one within the bounds of their office, to cause diligent attendance be given that none of the said commodities be transported against the tenor of the said acts, but that they search, seek, meddle and intromit with the same as they will be answerable upon the peril and duty of their offices.

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