Regarding the abrogating of the secretary's register

Forasmuch as the estates presently convened, understanding the just grief and discontent which the subjects of this kingdom of all degrees and ranks have conceived upon the erection of that unnecessary register called the register of the secretary, wherein all instruments of sasine, reversions, bonds for giving of reversions and certain other writs specially and particularly contained in the act and statute made regarding the erection of that office are ordained to be registered, the same register, serving for little or no other use than to acquire gain and commodity to the clerks, keepers thereof, and to draw his majesty's good subjects to needless, extraordinary and most unnecessary trouble, turmoil, fuss and expenses, howsoever the general well and benefit of the whole estate was presented at the making of that statute; and the said estates, acknowledging and considering that fatherly care which the king's most sacred majesty has ever had to avoid the overcharging of his highness's subjects with any unnecessary burdens, and how that his majesty has ever abhorred and detested the introduction of any new innovations which howsoever by private men for their particular gain were pretended for the good and benefit of the estate do nevertheless often prove nothing but a semblance for an extraordinary intended extortion of his majesty's subjects; as also the said estates, understanding that his sacred majesty has been often imported with the complaints presented to his highness upon the justly conceived grief regarding this register, therefore the said estates, after good advice and mature deliberation, have abrogated, repealed and discharged and, by virtue and authority of this present act, abrogate, repeal and discharge the act and statute of convention whereby that register was erected, bearing date at Falkland, 31 July 1599, or whatsoever other date or dates the same be and all ratifications thereof passed since in parliament, ordaining the same to have no strength, life, force, effect nor execution in any time coming, and frees, exonerates and relieves all his majesty's subjects of all that needless and extraordinary burden which they sustained by presenting of their evidents, letters and writs to the said registers, so that now and from thenceforth they shall never acknowledge the same nor be troubled nor burdened therewith; and ordain the lords of council and session and all other judges within this realm to proceed in all actions and causes founded upon the said statute regarding the erection of the said register according to the tenor of this present act, and to sustain all such letters, evidents and writs which by virtue of the said act and statute should have been registered hereafter, although the same be not registered; and ordains this act to be ratified and approved in the next parliament.

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