Regarding noblemen who send their sons out of the country

Forasmuch as the said estates, considering that one of the great causes which has procured the growth and increase of papists within this kingdom has proceeded from the small care and regard that has been had of the education and upbringing of the youth, who, being sent out of the realm to places of contrary profession and not being first well grounded in religion and accompanied with pedagogues scarce well affected to religion, they do often return back so possessed with superstitions and heretical errors as they may be justly suspected for dangerous subjects in the estate; for preventing of which growth and increase of defection from the true faith by the occasion foresaid, the estates presently convened statute and ordain that all such noblemen and others who hereafter shall happen to direct any pedagogues with their sons out of the country shall be held by virtue of this present act to have a sufficient testimonial of the bishop of the diocese where the said pedagogue for the most part lately before made his residence, testifying and approving the said pedagogue to be godly and of good religion, learned and instructed in the same. And if any nobleman or other shall happen to send any pedagogue with their sons out of the country without the testimonial and approbation of the bishop in manner above-written, in that case the said estates declare, statute and ordain that every such nobleman and others, according to their several degrees and ranks, shall incur the pains particularly underwritten, namely: every earl, £5,000; every lord, 5,000 merks; and every baron, 3,000 merks, which sums shall be intromitted with and uplifted of them by his majesty's treasurer and his depute to his highness's use. As also the said estates ordain the said noblemen, barons and others to have a special care and to give order and direction that the remainder of their sons out of the country shall be in places where religion is professed, or at least where there is no restraint of the same by the cruelty of inquisition; and that during the time of their absence they shall not practice any idolatrous exercise of religion, and that such persons that have not the means to maintain with their sons a pedagogue shall send them to such parts where religion is professed in. And in case their sons after their departure out of the country shall practice the exercises of contrary religion, the said estates ordain that their parents or such others as have the charge of them shall be compelled to find caution acted in the books of secret council, under such pains as shall be modified, that they shall not supply, entertain nor furnish them with anything necessary or comfortable to them.

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