Act in favour of [Sir James Crichton], laird of Ruthven

33. Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and confirm all and sundry rights, titles, infeftments and securities and sasines following thereupon, made, given and granted to Sir James Crichton of Ruthven, knight, and his heirs specified therein, of the right and patronage of the kirk of Nevay, parsonage and vicarage thereof, and of the right and patronage of the parsonage and vicarage of the parish kirk of Eassie, which two kirks lie within the sheriffdom of Forfar, in all and sundry heads, points, clauses, articles and conditions specified and contained therein after the form and tenor thereof in all points, reserving always to [George Gledstanes], archbishop of St Andrews the yearly duty of £4 contained in a contract made between the said archbishop and the said Sir James relating thereto of the date at Edinburgh, 4 July 1607.

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