Procedure: commission
Commission regarding the bridge of Cramond

31. The which day our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, understanding that since the decay and falling down of the bridge of Over Cramond, not only his highness's lieges in passing and returning to the burgh of Edinburgh, being the place where the lords of his highness's secret council, session and justice for the most part make their residence for administration of justice, are often and diverse times by the water of Almond (which suddenly rises in great abundance) in peril of their lives, but likewise sundry have perished therein; for remedy whereof and of the inconveniences [which] may fall out in time coming through the decay of the said bridge of Cramond, our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid have given and granted, likewise by the tenor hereof, give and grant full power and commission to the lords of secret council to set down some solid order that there be a bridge built where the former bridge was built of before upon the said water of Almond, or in the most convenient part nearest that place for serving as a passage to his highness's subjects, their goods and gear over the said water in time coming; and whatsoever act and ordinance the said lords of secret council shall make, devise and ordain for the building of the said bridge of Cramond, the said estates of parliament, now as if the same act and ordinance were made, and then as now, ratify and approve the same, and decree and declare the same act and ordinance to be as valid and effectual in the self as if the same had been made in this present parliament and an act made thereupon.

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