Ratification to Adam Cooper of his infeftment of Gogar

27. Our sovereign lord and three estates of this present parliament, considering the true, ready and sincere service done to his highness by Adam Cooper, one of the ordinary clerks of his majesty's session, therefore have ratified and approved and, by this ratification, for his highness and his successors, ratify and approve the charter and infeftment made and granted by the late Robert Logan of Restalrig, with express consent and assent of Andrew Logan of Coitfield, to the said Adam Cooper, his heirs and assignees, of all and sundry the town and lands of Nether Gogar, with houses, buildings, yards, orchards, dovecot, tofts, crofts, outsets, tenants, tenancies, service of free tenants, annexes, connexes and all their pertinents lying within the sheriffdom of Edinburgh, together with his highness's charter of confirmation granted to the said Adam under the great seal thereupon, to be held of his majesty and his successors in manner and form contained in the said confirmation, as the same of the date at Holyroodhouse, 17 February 1601 at length purports, and all and sundry heads, articles, conditions, circumstances and clauses thereof, after the form and tenor of the said charter and confirmation in all points; and will and grant that this present confirmation is and in all times coming shall be as sufficient, valid and effectual in all respects to the said Adam Cooper, his heirs and assignees as if the said charter of alienation and his highness's charter foresaid of confirmation thereof were specially and at length word by word inserted and engrossed in this present act, notwithstanding the generality thereof. Likewise our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid will and declare and, for his highness and his successors, decree and ordain that the said charter, infeftment and confirmation are and shall be in all times hereafter sufficient, valid and perfect rights to the said Adam and his foresaids for possessing and enjoying of all and sundry the foresaid lands, privileges and immunities therein contained, notwithstanding whatsoever right competent to our said sovereign lord by reason of non-entries, recognition, forfeiture, crimes of treason and lese-majesty, or for any other cause or occasion bygone preceding the day and date hereof, without question, trouble or impediment.

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