Ratification to James Hamilton of his pension

26. Our sovereign lord and whole estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and perpetually confirm a letter of pension given, granted and conveyed by his majesty under the privy seal to James Hamilton, servant to Sir Thomas Hamilton of Binning, knight, his grace's advocate, for soliciting and attending his majesty's actions and affairs in session and exchequer, for all the days of his lifetime, of the sum of 500 merks usual money of Scotland, to be taken up by him at Whitsunday [May/June] and Martinmas [11 November] by [George Home, earl of Dunbar], his highness's treasurer, and [David Murray, lord Scone], comptroller, equally between them, as the same dated at Whitehall, 10 April 1606 at more length purports in all points, clauses and conditions thereof, to be peaceably possessed, enjoyed and uplifted during all his said lifetime, without any revocation, impediment or recalling; ordaining also the said James Hamilton, by this ratification, to continue in attending and soliciting his majesty's actions and affairs in session and exchequer, and in other judgements within this realm where it appertains, and to enjoy all other casualties, liberties, privileges, freedoms and immunities as any other attendant and solicitor had and enjoyed the like in any time bygone, notwithstanding of whatsoever gift given or to be given thereof to any other person or persons.

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