Ratification in favour of John Strang of his infeftment of Kilrenny

22. Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of this present parliament, considering the long, true and thankful service done to his majesty by his highness's beloved John Strang, son to Robert Strang in Kilrenny, to have been profitable to his majesty and lieges of this realm, has ratified and approved and by the authority of this present parliament ratifies and approves the infeftment granted by George [Gledstanes], archbishop of St Andrews, to the said John Strang, his heirs and assignees, of all and whole the quarter town and lands of Kilrenny called the Skeith Quarter thereof, in all points, clauses and conditions therein, for the yearly payment of the feu duties mentioned in the same, which is of the date 4 March 1606; and finds and declares that the same is and shall be in all times coming a sufficient, lawful and effectual infeftment to the said John Strang and his foresaids for possessing of the said lands, and that the conversion of victual and other duties in money mentioned therein is no diminution of the rental of the said lands, but that it was, is and shall be permissible to the said archbishop to have converted and to convert the ferms, victual and other duties of the said lands in the said silver duty specified and expressed in the said infeftment, notwithstanding of whatsoever acts of parliament or statute made or to be made in the contrary, and specially of the acts of parliament made upon 10 December 1585, ordaining all beneficed persons to leave their benefices as they found them, and of the act of parliament made in the year 1597, annulling all infeftments of feu ferms; with the which acts and all other laws which may be prejudicial to the said infeftment in any way, his majesty, with advice foresaid, dispenses, discharges and derogates the same by this ratification in as far as concerns the said infeftment in all times coming.

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