Ratification in favour of Master Alexander Craig of his pension of 600 merks

21. Our sovereign lord, upon consideration of the good, true and thankful service done to his highness by his servant Master Alexander Craig, and to enable his faithful continuance therein, with consent and advice of the estates of this present parliament, has ratified, approved and confirmed and, by the tenor of this present act, ratifies, approves and confirms a yearly pension of 6002 merks money of Scotland to be yearly uplifted by him during all the days of his lifetime out of the readiest and best casualties due and proper to his majesty's treasurer, present and to come, of the said kingdom of Scotland, as at length is contained in his gift of pension of the date at Whitehall, 9 December 1605, granted by our sovereign lord with advice and consent of George [Home], earl of Dunbar, lord Home and Berwick, great treasurer of Scotland; and with advice and consent foresaid, decrees and ordains the said gift of pension to have full strength and effect in all times coming in all and sundry heads, clauses and circumstances thereof, notwithstanding whatsoever other act of parliament or law civil, canon or municipal, which may in any sort prejudice; and decrees and declares that the said gift of pension shall be a sufficient right and title to the said Master Alexander for uplifting the said yearly fee and pension during his lifetime as said is, so that from henceforth no general nor particular discharges shall be powerful to prevail against the said Master Alexander's pension during his life; and with consent foresaid ordains letters to be directed hereupon on a single charge of 10 days only, as often as need be.

  1. NAS, PA2/17, f.17r.
  2. 'five' was originally written, but scored out and replaced with 'six'.