Act in favour of the free burghs regal against unfreemen

13. Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and confirm all acts, laws, decreets and privileges granted or given in favour of his highness's free royal burghs; and considering the great hurt and damage daily sustained by the burgess inhabitants of his majesty's royal burghs, who underlie and bear all burdens imposed upon the estate of burghs in all his majesty's services, through the continual increase of unfree traffickers dwelling in diverse parts of this realm not being burgesses of the said royal burghs, and nevertheless keep and hold open booths, buy and sell merchandise and otherwise use the liberties and privileges of free burgesses as if they were burgesses and actual residents within the said royal burghs, in manifest defraud of our sovereign lord's customs and to the prejudice of the liberties of the said free royal burghs; and therefore statute and ordain that all unfree persons not being actual burgesses of the said free royal burghs, who bear not burden and pay not tax and stent to his majesty, shall desist and cease from using of any trade of merchandise or of the liberties and privileges foresaid of the said free royal burghs under the pains contained in the acts of parliament made regarding unfree traffickers of before, and that letters of horning be directed hereupon, charging whatsoever unfreemen and usurpers of the privileges of the said burghs to find sufficient caution for obedience of this act, and also that letters of horning be directed upon all acts and decreets of burghs given at their conventions between burgh and burgh and burgesses of free burghs upon a simple charge of 10 days without calling of party.

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