Procedure: commission
Commission regarding grammar and teachers thereof

9. Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, understanding the Latin tongue to be greatly diminished within this realm, to the heavy prejudice of the common welfare of the same, and the special cause thereof to be the want of the uniform teaching of all the parts of grammar established by a law in all the parts of this realm, through which, by the curiosity of diverse masters of schools, both to burgh and land, taking upon them after their inclination to teach such grammar as pleases them, the youth who by occasion of the pest and otherwise being often and diverse times changed to diverse schools and masters by alteration of the form of teaching are wholly prejudiced; for remedy whereof, it is thought expedient by our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament that there shall be a settled form of the best and most common and approved grammar, and all parts thereof, collected, established and printed to be universally taught in all the parts of this realm by the whole masters and teachers of grammar in all time coming; therefore, our said sovereign lord and estates of parliament presently convened have given and granted and, by this commission, give and grant full power and commission to Alexander [Seton], earl of Dunfermline, chancellor of this realm, James [Elphinstone], lord Balmerino, secretary to his majesty, Sir Thomas Hamilton of Binning, knight, his highness's advocate, Master John Preston of Penicuik, collector general, Sir John Skene of Curriehill, knight, clerk register, Master Thomas Craig and Master William Oliphant, advocates, Master William Scott of Elie, Master Patrick Sands and Master John Roy, schoolmaster of Edinburgh, or any five of them jointly, to try, examine, conclude and set down such form and order as they shall think most fit and expedient to be observed hereafter by all masters of grammar within this realm; and our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid declare that the proceedings of the said commissioners in the said matter shall be as effectual as if the same were specially set down by act of this present parliament, and that publication be made thereof at all places needful, with command therein to all masters of schools to obey the same under the pain of deprivation of them from teaching and payment of £20 to the poor of the parish where they dwell.

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