Act regarding weights and measures

7. Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, having consideration of the great hurt and damage that our sovereign lord's lieges have sustained and daily sustain by the great diversity and disconformity of the weights, mets and measures within this realm, notwithstanding of diverse and sundry acts of parliament made in the contrary by our said sovereign lord's most worthy progenitors and by his majesty's self in the parliament held at Edinburgh, 29 July 1587, and that the negligence of the putting of the said acts of parliament to due execution is greatest occasion thereof, it is therefore statute and ordained that each sheriff, stewarts of royalties and regalities, provosts, bailies and aldermen of burghs, each one of them within their own bounds and jurisdiction, put the said acts of parliament regarding weights, mets and measures to due execution between the date hereof and 1 January next, under all highest pain, through which that there may be an universal conformity of weights, mets and measures throughout the whole realm; with power also to the foresaid judges to take trial of false mets and measures, and the users of false mets and measures whole goods and gear to be escheat thereof.

  1. NAS, PA2/17, f.7v.