Act regarding the annexation of the kirk of Megill to the bishopric of Dunkeld

4. Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament presently convened, considering the hurt and exhausted estate of the bishopric of Dunkeld by the late possessors thereof, whereby the same is presently in no way able to maintain the present titular or any of his successors according to his rank, degree and place, whereby they may in any competent sort either do that service to his majesty or that good in the church which their place and function require, for the enabling, therefore, of [James Nicolson], present bishop of Dunkeld and his successors for his majesty's service, his highness and estates foresaid have annexed and adjoined to the foresaid bishopric of Dunkeld the church of Megill, parsonage and vicarage thereof, to be in all time coming held, accounted and reputed as one of the churches of the said bishopric, and the rents thereof to be specially appropriated to the bishop's own use, he always providing the minister serving the cure thereat of a good, sufficient, local stipend, and the remainder of the said duties, profits and emoluments of the said church to uplift to his own use and for his own maintenance.

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