Act regarding the chapter of St Andrews

3. Forasmuch as the conventual brethren and canons of the monastery of St Andrews were the ancient chapter and counsel of the archbishop thereof, who now are decayed and few of them being alive, likewise the priory and fruits thereof are to be erected in a temporal lordship, and necessary it is that the said archbishop shall have a constant chapter, according to the ancient policy of the kirk and fundamental laws of this kingdom, therefore our sovereign lord, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, gives, grants and commits full power and commission to George [Gledstanes], archbishop of St Andrews, to elect and nominate seven qualified persons of the clergy at least dwelling and having charge and administration within his diocese, to be the perpetual convent, council and chapter of the said archbishopric in all time coming, and after the decease or removing of any one or more of them from their present places, the entrant succeeding to the said place or charge to succeed also in that room of the chapter or convent, and yet nonetheless reserves to the said archbishop and his successors their ancient privilege, namely: that the common seal of the said chapter to be made of new by their own advice shall serve for their consent without their subscriptions. Moreover, it is found and decreed that the present common seal of the said chapter, being appended to the evidents or rights whatsoever already made and granted by the said archbishop, has been, and shall be in all times coming, a sufficient and perfect consent of the chapter, and as effectual for securing of the vassals and tenant receivers of the said rights as the same have been in any time of before, and so to endure in force for consent of the said chapter until the election of the said chapter and making of the new common seal.

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