Act against the sayers and wilful hearers of mass

2. Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and confirm the two acts of parliament made by his highness, with consent of the estates of this realm, the one thereof made in his highness's 12th parliament, 120th act, against the sayers of mass, Jesuits, seminary priests, trafficking papists and receivers of any of them, and the other act made in his highness's 14th parliament, 193rd act, against wilful hearers of mass, in the whole heads, articles and clauses thereof; and decree and ordain the same two acts to have effect and to be put to execution against the contraveners thereof in all time coming with this addition: that all wilful receivers of excommunicated papists and who are at the horn for the same cause, after that publication be made by the minister the time of preaching or prayers at the parish kirk where the receivers of the said papists shall dwell for the time, shall pay to our sovereign lord and to his highness's treasurer the penalties contained in the act of parliament made regarding non-communicants: that is to say, every earl as he shall contravene the premises, £1,000; every lord, 1,000 merks; every baron, £500; every freeholder, 300 merks; every yeoman, £40; and every burgess, according to the modification of the king's majesty and lords of secret council; which pains ordains our sovereign lord's treasurer to intromit therewith and exact the same to his highness's use.

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