Ratification in favour of Master Alexander Gibson of his infeftment of Granton

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament presently convened have ratified, approved and confirmed and, by the tenor of this present act, ratify, approve and confirm the charter, confirmation and disposition therein contained made and granted by his highness, with consent of his majesty's councillors and officers, subscribers thereof, to Master Alexander Gibson, one of the clerks of session, and Margaret Craig, his spouse, and their heirs and others therein contained, of all and whole the lands of Granton which were conveyed to him by Masters David Ayton and John Russell, advocates of before, as in the writs and securities made to him thereupon and in our said sovereign lord's infeftment of the date 1 August 1603 at more length is contained; and decree, declare and ordain the said charter, confirmation and disposition therein mentioned to be good, valuable and sufficient to the said Master Alexander and his foresaids now and in all time coming, in all and every head, point, article and clause therein expressed; which and whole contents thereof, our sovereign lord and estates foresaid have allowed and ratified, and specially that part thereof regarding the disposing of the same lands in taxed ward to the said Master Alexander and his foresaids in manner particularly therein expressed, which clause and disposition and remaining whole clauses and points of the said charter decree and declare to be valid and effectual to the said Master Alexander and his foresaids for the peaceable holding and possessing of the said lands as belonging to him and them heritably, and in no way to be troubled therein or to be quarrelled in his right thereof by any manner of occasion bygone or through any default or defect, by the which the right or possession of the said lands may be challenged, or the said Master Alexander or his foresaids troubled therein by any privilege, title or right competent to our sovereign lord and belonging to his highness or whatsoever other person rising upon whatsoever right, title or ground, bygone, present or to come; with the which and all others our sovereign lord and estates foresaid have dispensed and, by the tenor hereof, dispense for now and ever, granting this ratification to be as effectual and sufficient in all respects as if the tenor2 of the said charter and disposition were inserted and engrossed word by word in this present act.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.94r-v.
  2. Originally followed by 'of the said disposition', but this scored out.