2Ratification in favour of [John Lindsay], lord Lindsay [of the Byres]

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, considering the good, true and thankful service done to his majesty and his predecessors of worthy memory by his grace's trusty cousin and councillor John, lord Lindsay of the Byres, his late father, grandfather, great-grandfather and their predecessors, and willing that the said John, lord Lindsay, his heirs and successors be in some measure gratified for the said good, true and thankful service that hereafter they may continue in the like for all ages to come, and for sundry other evident and profitable causes maturely considered, thoroughly advised and concluded by his majesty, with advice of all the said estates, has therefore ratified, approved and perpetually confirmed, and by the tenor hereof ratifies, approves and perpetually confirms, the charter and infeftment under the great seal granted by his majesty to the said John, lord Lindsay, his male heirs and of tailzie mentioned in the said charter and their assignees whatsoever heritably, of all and whole the lands of Auchterutherstruther, with the castle, tower, fortalice, manor place, mills, multures, woods, fishings, cuningars, parts, pendicles and pertinents thereof whatsoever, and of the lands of Kirkforther, superiority of the lands of Letham and others whatsoever, as well specially as generally set down and expressed in the said charter, in all and sundry heads, points, clauses, articles, circumstances and conditions thereof, which is of the date at Holyroodhouse, 5 April 1603, together with the sasine and other writs and securities following thereupon given and granted to, and in favour of, the said John, lord Lindsay and his foresaids; and declare and ordain this present ratification to be as good, valid, effectual and sufficient as if the said charter and infeftment word for word had been expressed and set down herein; and also decree and declare the said infeftment to be good and sufficient right, title and security to the said John, lord Lindsay and his foresaids to hold, enjoy, possess and use the lands and others whatsoever contained in the said charter and infeftment as their heritage at their pleasure, notwithstanding of whatsoever law, statute, act or ordinance made, or to be made in this present parliament, but that the said infeftment shall stand in the full force, strength and effect notwithstanding thereof in all time coming.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.67r-v.
  2. 'P 49' written in margin beside heading.