Procedure: preamble

The parliament of the most excellent prince James, by the grace of God, king of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, held and opened in Edinburgh on 10 April in the year of the Lord 1604, by the most powerful earl John [Graham, earl] of Montrose, lord Graham and Mugdock etc., by virtue of the commission dated at Hampton Court on 8 February in the year of the Lord 1604 and granted to the said earl under the great seal of the realm of Scotland, and by his undernoted commissioners, namely George [Gledstanes], bishop of Caithness, John [Kennedy], earl of Cassilis, lord Kennedy, Alexander [Livingston], earl of Linlithgow, lord Livingston, Alexander [Elphinstone], lord Elphinstone, Alexander [Seton], lord Fyvie, Mark [Kerr], lord Newbattle, John [Bothwell], commendator of Holyroodhouse, Henry Nisbet and George Heriot for the burgh of Edinburgh, together with John Hairstains, constable depute, Thomas Scott, marischal depute, Master William Stewart, sheriff depute of Edinburgh, and David Lindsay, dempster. Suits were called and the court affirmed.

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