2Commission regarding wool

Our sovereign lord and estates in parliament, considering the benefit that will ensue to the commonwealth by the retaining of the wool within this realm and by the working of the same by the lieges of this country, how the country will be thereby very far enriched, his majesty's customs augmented and a great number of the idle and poor people put to work, have therefore given and granted commission to the lords of his highness's privy council, having adjoined with them the commissioners of six of the principal burghs within this realm, to convene at such time and place as they shall think most expedient and there advise, conclude and determine all such things as to them shall be thought most fit for the advancing of the said work, whose conclusions are declared by this commission shall be of as great strength, force and effect as if they were concluded in this present parliament. And also it is appointed by the said estates that the said commissioners shall take such order with his majesty's customs as the same may be employed to his majesty's greatest profit and with the least hurt and detriment of the subjects.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.29v.
  2. 'P' is written in margin beside heading.