2The 5 August appointed yearly for solemn thanksgiving in all time coming

Forasmuch as the whole estates of this realm, acknowledging that singular benefit, grace and favour of God bestowed upon them by his miraculous and extraordinary delivery of their most gracious sovereign from the horrible and detestable murder and parricide attempted against his majesty's most noble person by the late John [Ruthven], earl of Gowrie and the late Master Alexander Ruthven, his brother, upon 5 August last, and that it becomes them with most humble and thankful hearts to give unfeigned and daily praise to their merciful God for the safety of every one of themselves and of the whole body of this commonwealth preserved from wrack and utter confusion by the miraculous and bountiful deliverance of his majesty from the said treason in manner foresaid; therefore our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the whole estates, statutes and ordains that in all times and ages to come 5 August shall yearly be appointed and kept in all the presbyteries and parishes within this realm and bounds of his whole dominions for public preachings, prayers and solemn thanksgiving to God for his great mercy and favour granted to this realm and every member thereof by his majesty's gracious and miraculous preservation as said is upon the said day, and a perpetual monument of their most humble, hearty and unfeigned thanks to God for the same; and that all work, labour and other occupations which may in any sort distract the people from the said godly exercises and thanksgiving yearly upon the day foresaid shall be forborne and abstained from and that all judges, civil and ecclesiastical, shall cause the same to be universally observed, every one of them within the bounds of their own jurisdiction, and see the contraveners thereof punished according to the quality of their transgression.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.12r-v. Much of this act is obscured by a blot in the folio.
  2. 'V' written in margin beside heading.