Legislation: ratification of an act of privy council

The which day the king's majesty, with the advice of the estates present, has ratified, approved and authorised the act of council underwritten annexing the annuity of England to the office of the treasury etc. with this addition: that none shall be directed hereafter for receiving or importing thereof but by express consent of his highness's treasurer present and being for the time had and obtained thereto by writing, whereof whatever part shall be allowed to any person whatsoever shall be by warrant subject by his majesty and his said treasurer, of the which act the tenor follows: The king's majesty and lords of his highness's secret council, perfectly understanding how that by the daily great increase of necessary disbursing in their highness's, the prince's and princess's most honourable affairs and furnishings, his highness's treasury is of the self become unable to discharge the burden which presently it underlies, through which not only is the said office in the yearly accounts thereof excessively overspent, but their majesty's service likewise greatly hindered in the meantime for want of present means to furnish to their honourable necessities; for remedy whereof, his majesty and council foresaid have assigned, appropriated and annexed and by this present act assigns, appropriates and annexes inseparably to the said treasury the yearly annuity which his majesty shall receive hereafter out of England, to remain in all time coming with the said office as a proper part and pertinent thereof, and to be yearly uplifted and intromitted with by his highness's treasurer present and being for the time, and wholly employed upon their majesties', the prince's and princess's garments and apparel, excepting only £500 sterling money assigned to the sustentation of the prince; declaring all other gifts and assignations of the same, or any part thereof (excepting only before excepted), to be null and of no value, force nor effect in all time coming. And to the intent that the yearly profit that may arise of his majesty's casualties be not hereafter hindered or prejudiced by anterior grants thereof in favour of particular persons before the same comes to the knowledge or composition of his highness's officer, or, after composition, made ineffectual by precepts or discharges, his majesty, in presence of his council foresaid, promised in his princely word to forbear in time to come any of his grants or gifts of any ward and marriage or other casualty of importance in favour of any person whatsoever, but to remit and leave the same to be disposed upon by his highness's office to his majesty's greatest profit and commodity. And likewise that his highness shall in time coming subscribe no precepts nor discharges to any person but by advice of council sitting consenting by this act, and ordaining that in time coming no discharge nor precept shall be received nor allowed hereafter to the said treasurer in his accounts but such as shall be first approved by the said council and testified by the subscription of a full number sitting.

  1. NAS, PA8/1, f.21v. This convention appears in the mss after the following meeting of 2 March. It has been placed here in chronological order.