The treasurer's promise regarding the casualties of his office

The which day in presence of our sovereign lord, nobility and estates presently convened Walter [Stewart], prior of Blantyre, treasurer, has promised and taken upon him to answer yearly for £30,000 for his highness's casualties to be employed upon his majesty's most necessary affairs pertaining to that office, and to be yearly accountable in the exchequer for the surplus if any be. It is always provided that for the space of six years next hereafter, in case the said treasurer's charge of his intromission amounts to the sum of £25,000, in that case the said treasurer shall be no further bound nor obliged in his promise above-written in respect by his majesty and estates presently convened the said lord treasurer is ordained to set the mint-house in tack and assedation to Thomas Foulis and Robert Jossie, which they have accepted yearly during the said years for the sum of £5,000, for which sum the said lord treasurer was ordained to make them assignation. And further the said lord treasurer, for signifying of his willingness in his majesty's service, has freely offered that as his highness's necessity and great affairs shall require to advance by his own proper means and credit the sum of £10,000, his bygone accounts being first heard and footed in the exchequer according to the order, providing that he be no further burdened by his majesty in any further advancement.

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