Act in favour of Eustatius Rough

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify and approve the gift and disposition made and granted by his highness under the great seal of the date 13 September the year of God 1588, bearing that his highness, with advice and consent of the lords of secret council, nobility and estates then convened for the time, considering the offer and overture made by the said Eustatius Rough to his majesty regarding the augmentation of his majesty's revenue of 100,000 merks yearly by the making of better salt and of greater quantity in this land than has been before; as likewise by the sparing of the fire and fuel to be spared thereupon, his highness, in consideration thereof, by his majesty's said gift under the great seal of the date foresaid, concluded the same work and overture to pass and that none of his lieges should counterfeit nor follow the same under special pains mentioned therein. And also our said sovereign lord, with advice foresaid, ratifies and approves the foresaid gift of the date foresaid in the whole points, articles and clauses thereof after the form and tenor thereof in all points, and ordains letters of publication and other letters to be directed thereupon according to the law.

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