The feuars of the temporality shall give up a rental of their duties

It is statute and ordained that all feuars of whatsoever annexed lands pertaining to the temporality of all benefices within this realm (except lay patronages) shall before 1 January the year of God 1598 [1599] exhibit and produce to the treasurer of augmentation and his deputes their infeftments and titles whereby they hold and possess the said lands, to the effect his highness and his said officers may by inspection thereof understand the duty which they and each one of them owe and should pay to his highness; the which clerk shall extract a minute thereof, and all the special clauses and provisions, if any be contained in the said infeftments, to remain with him as a true and authentic rental of his highness's temporality in time coming. And if any of the said feuars fails in the premises, the infeftment of feu ferm and all other right and title which he can allege and pretend to the said lands to be null and of no value, force nor effect by way of exception or reply; and it shall be permissible to the king and his treasurer foresaid to intromit, lift and collect the mails, ferms and duties at the terms of Whitsunday [4 June] next and immediately following 1 January next; and ordains that this act shall be imprinted before 1 May next to come, or failing thereof, shall be openly published at the head burgh of each shire; and that the same shall not be extended to any person who has produced and shown their holdings already.

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