Procedure: opening of session; fencing of parliament; asking of instruments

The parliament of the most excellent prince James VI, king of Scots, held and opened in Edinburgh on 1 November in the year of the Lord 1597, by the undernoted commissioners of parliament, namely Edward [Bruce], commendator of Kinloss, William [Melville], commendator of Tongland, John [Bothwell], commendator of Holyroodhouse, Robert [Seton], lord Seton, Alexander [Seton], lord Urquhart, Mark [Kerr], lord Newbattle, John Touris of Inverleith, Henry Forrester of Corstorphine, Alexander Fairlie of Braid, Henry Nisbet, provost of Edinburgh, Nicholas Cornwall of Bonhard, provost of Linlithgow, lord William Seton [of Kylesmure], provost of Haddington, commissioners specially constituted by the commission of our supreme lord the king, together with Thomas Scott, marischal depute, James Tarbert, constable depute, John Fraser and Daniel Graham, sheriffs depute of Edinburgh, and William Wishart, dempster. Suits were called and the court of parliament affirmed. Upon the fencing of the which parliament, Master Thomas Hamilton of Drumcairnie, advocate to our sovereign lord, in his highness's name, asked instruments.

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