Procedure: report of Lord Ogilvy's proceedings in Denmark
[James Ogilvy], lord Ogilvy's report of his proceedings in Denmark

The which day, in presence of the king's majesty, his nobility, council and estates presently convened, compeared personally James, lord Ogilvy and Master Peter Young of Seaton, his highness's almoner, and reported their negotiation and proceedings within the realm of Denmark according to his majesty's commission and instructions given to them relating thereto, craving his highness's exoneration and discharge thereupon. The king's majesty, with advice of his said nobility, council and estates foresaid, having heard and considered of their said proceedings, finds and declares that they have faithfully, truly, honourably and dutifully used and executed their said commission in all things according to the tenor of the same and instructions foresaid given to them relating thereto, and exonerates and discharges them thereof, and ordains an act to be made hereupon for future memory.

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