Ratification of the act of Falkland

2Forasmuch as the act of secret council made by the king's majesty, his nobility and council which convened at Falkland upon 12 August last concerning certain offers presented in name of George [Gordon], sometime earl of Huntly, and of his petition and suit touching his highness's licence to be granted to him for his repairing and returning within this realm, being at length read, heard, seen and considered by his majesty, his nobility, council and estates presently convened, and they having ripely advised, reasoned and conferred upon every point of the same, the king's majesty, with advice of his said nobility, council and estates foresaid, finds the said act in the form as it is conceived to be very good, reasonable, fit and convenient to be followed out tending to the surety of the true religion presently professed within this realm, his highness's person, crown, commonwealth and quietness of his estate and country; and therefore has allowed, ratified and approved and by this act allows, ratifies and approves the same in all points according to the tenor thereof.

  1. NAS, PC1/16, 480.
  2. 'a: b:' written in darker ink immediately below the title in the margin.