Procedure: commission
Ratification of the commission given to the lords of the exchequer etc.

The which day, the king's majesty, with advice of his nobility, council and estates presently convened, has ratified, approved and confirmed and by this charter ratifies, approves, corroborates and confirms the commission made and given by his majesty under the testimonial of his great seal to Alexander [Seton], lord Urquhart, president of the college of justice, Walter [Stewart], commendator of Blantyre, lord privy seal, Master David Carnegie of Colluthie [and Kinnaird], Master John Lindsay, parson of Menmuir, Master James Elphinstone of Invernochty,2 Master Thomas Hamilton of Drumcairnie, Master John Skene [of Curriehill], clerk register, senators of the college of justice, and Master Peter Young of Seton, his majesty's master almoner, touching the full and free administration of the whole rents and duties of his highness's property, collectory of the surplus of the thirds of benefices and new augmentations by annexation of the temporality of the kirk to the crown and casualties, of the date at Holyroodhouse, 9 January last, together with the act of secret council of the same date allowing and approving the same commission in all and sundry points, articles, clauses, forms and conditions specially and particularly expressed therein. And further, decrees and declares that the same commission and act foresaid, made and given for many good and necessary causes tending always to his majesty's profit and commodity, shall have full force, effect and execution in time coming, according to the tenor thereof, in all and sundry the said particular points, clauses, articles, forms and conditions of the same, without alteration or contradiction whatsoever, likewise and in the same form and manner as if the said nobility, council and estates foresaid had been particularly present at the time of the making and giving thereof, had then consented thereto and given everyone of them their particular subscriptions to the same.

  1. NAS, PC1/16, 452-453.
  2. Also known as 'of Barnton' and parson of Eaglesham.