Regarding hospitals and schools

Forasmuch as such corruption and manifold disorders are entered in colleges, schools, hospitals and maison dieus, their buildings ruined and rents and revenues are most altogether dilapidated, to the great decay of learning and harm of the poor, the reformation and oversight whereof and order taking therewith properly appertains to the chancellor of the realm, it is therefore statute and ordained by the king's majesty and estates of this parliament that John [Maitland], lord Thirlestane, chancellor of this realm, take order with all convenient speed with all the said colleges, universities, schools, hospitals and maison dieus, that the building thereof may be repaired, the rents and revenues recovered and appropriated to the right use according to their several foundations and they and every one of them reduced to some better perfection and, if it be possible, to their former state and integrity.

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