Provision in favour of burghs erected since the act of annexation

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament find and declare that albeit all erections made or erected since the act of annexation (except so many as are specially excepted in the said act) are decreed and declared in this present parliament to be null and of no value, yet the same shall be in no way prejudicial or hurtful to such burghs as are erected by his highness in free burghs since the said act and have been in use to pay custom to his highness and in making of their accounts in exchequer, but they shall stand erected with all privileges, immunities and liberties granted by his highness to them, providing always that their erections prejudice not any particular parties' rights regarding the right or superiority of their feu lands held by them of before of the kirk, and especially Alexander Gaw in Maw and such others as may be interested by the erection of the burgh of Culross in a free burgh, whose rights our sovereign lord and estates foresaid declare to stand in their full authority notwithstanding the said erections, until the same be discussed by the judge ordinary according to the law.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.58r.