Act regarding the bridge of Dalkeith2

Our sovereign lord and estates in parliament, for beating, upholding and mending of the two bridges of Dalkeith, the one built upon South Esk on the south side of the said town, and the other built on North Esk upon the north side of the said town, which bridges are now almost decayed, statute and ordain that all carriages and burdens of mill-stones, wine, timber and other equipment passing from end to end of the said two bridges with carts shall pay to the bailies and council of the said town of Dalkeith, or their collector to be appointed by them, for repairing, mending and upholding of their said bridges the tax and impost following, that is to say: of each mill-stone passing from end to end on any one of the said two bridges, 40d, and for each cartful laden with wine, timber or other gear, 8d money of this realm. And this act to take beginning from 20 June 1594, and to last and continue for the space of three years next and immediately following the said 20 June.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.57v.
  2. This appears on f.50v but without the word 'Act' in the title. It is omitted in APS. The differences between this and the first version are merely differences of spelling and the inclusion of 'the' in the first line before 'beating' in the first version.