Ratification to [William Stewart], commendator of Pittenweem

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, remembering the good, true and thankful service done to his highness by William, commendator of Pittenweem, as well as within the realm as in diverse other nations without the same, not only tending to his majesty's own particular but also to the public estate and welfare of the realm, wherein the said commendator has sustained great charges and expenses; in recompense of a part whereof, our said sovereign lord, with advice of the lords of his highness's secret council, and also with consent of Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, knight, his majesty's treasurer, Sir Robert Melville of Murdocairnie, knight, treasurer depute, and Master Robert Douglas, provost of Lincluden, collector general and treasurer of the new augmentations, for their interest, made and constituted the said commendator, his deputes and substitutes his highness's lawful undoubted and irrevocable actors, chamberlains and bailies of the whole temporal lands, lordships, baronies and others whatsoever which pertained to the archbishopric of St Andrews, wherever the same lie within this realm, giving and granting to him and his foresaids full power to ask, crave, uplift and receive all and sundry mails, ferms, teinds, fruits, rents, annualrents, kanes, customs, accidents and casualties whatsoever pertaining to the same of all years and terms resting unpaid the time of the granting of the said letter of chamberlainry, which was upon 1 May the year of God 1589, and likewise yearly and termly thereafter during the space of 15 years, as the said letter of gift granted to the said commendator under the privy seal of the date foresaid in itself at more length purports. And to the effect that the said letter and gift may be more valid and effectual to the said commendator and his foresaids, therefore, and for diverse other good causes and considerations, our said sovereign lord, with advice of his said estates, by the tenor hereof, ratifies, approves and confirms the said letter and gift in all and sundry heads, points, articles, clauses and conditions contained therein, declaring the said gift and all other letters of factory and acts of secret council and rights granted to the said commendator thereupon to have been and to be sufficient and undoubted right and title to the said commendator and his foresaids for possessing and enjoying of all and whole the mails, ferms, duties, kanes, customs, casualties and others partly above-specified belonging to the said archbishopric, and for using the whole liberties, privileges and commodities mentioned in the foresaid gift during the space and years above-written therein contained, notwithstanding of the act of annexation of the temporality of all benefices within this realm to the crown, made in the parliament held at Edinburgh, 29 July the year of God 1587, or whatsoever others acts, laws or constitutions made in the contrary hereof.

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