Ratification to George Haliburton and his wife

Our sovereign lord, estates and whole body of this present parliament ratify and approve and for them and their successors perpetually confirm all charters, locations and dispositions therein contained made and granted by the late Patrick [Adamson], archbishop of St Andrews to George Haliburton of Ballridie, Margaret Drumbreck, his spouse, the longest liver of the two in conjunct fee, their heirs, assignees and successors whatsoever of whatsoever parts or portions of the town and lands of Kincaple, feu ferms thereof or of any part of the same town and lands, superiority, office of bailiary and jurisdiction of the said lands lying within the regality of St Andrews and sheriffdom of Fife, with the precepts and instruments of sasine following thereupon, together with the charter of confirmation containing therein a new gift of the forenamed lands, feu ferms and others before-specified made, given and granted by our said sovereign lord to the said George Haliburton, Margaret Drumbreck, his spouse, and their foresaids in the year of God 1593, passed under his highness's great seal, ratifying and confirming the foresaid charters granted by the said late Patrick, archbishop of St Andrews with the precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon in the whole points, heads, articles, clauses, conditions and provisions, circumstances, liberties and privileges whatsoever mentioned in the forenamed charters, precepts, instruments of sasine, charter of confirmation above-written or any one of them; and wills and declares that this general ratification and approbation thereof is and shall be in all times coming of as great force, strength and effect to the said George, Margaret, his spouse, and their foresaids as if the forenamed whole infeftments, charters, precepts, instruments of sasine, confirmation before rehearsed, precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon had been at length word by word engrossed and inserted herein.

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