Ratification to John Hay of Lochloy

Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies, approves and perpetually confirms the infeftment and disposition made by his highness after his majesty's perfect age of 21 years and general revocation made in parliament to John Hay of Lochloy, his male heirs and of tailzie and assignees whatsoever of town and lands of Lochloy, with the mills of the same, of the lands of Perk, with the outsets and pendicles thereof called Knockowdie, Newtoun and Hunterbrig, the lands of Inshoch, with the mansion, tower and fortalice, orchards, yards, houses and buildings, with the outsets and pendicles of the same called the Head Paddock Furd, Milnehill, Mortoun, Kilnhill and Lonehead, the lands of Knoknagilyie, Urchnie and Lurmoir, with the fishings of the said lands of Lochloy and Inshoch, as well as of salmon as of other fish in fresh waters and salt, with the forest of Lochloy, together with all other woods, parks, parts and pendicles, of all and sundry the foresaid lands and pertinents of the same customary; all and sundry the town and lands of Kinnudie, with the croft of the same called the Ailhouse croft, with the parts and pendicles lying within the sheriffdom of Nairn; and also all and whole the lands of Grony and Fingask, with the crofts of the same and parts and pendicles thereof lying in the barony of Aird, lordship of Lovat and sheriffdom of Inverness conveyed in warrandice of the said lands of Kinnudie and Ailhouse croft, with the parts and pendicles, as in the said infeftment under his highness's great seal of the date 20 February 1588 [1589] at more length is contained; and decrees and declares the same infeftment, precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon to have full effect and strength in all time coming, and the same to be a perpetual right to the said John and his heirs foresaid to possess the said lands according to the tenor thereof.

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