Ratification to [Sir James Scrimgeour of Dudhope], constable of Dundee

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, for the good, true and thankful service done to his highness at diverse times of before by his highness's well-beloved Sir James Scrimgeour of Dudhope, knight, have ratified, approved and confirmed and by the tenor of this present act ratify, approve and confirm the infeftment, donation and disposition therein contained made and granted by our said sovereign lord after his highness's perfect age of 21 years complete and revocation general to the said Sir James Scrimgeour and to his male heirs lawfully procreated or to be procreated of his body, which failing, to James Scrimgeour, lawful son to Robert Scrimgeour, who was uncle of the said Sir James, and the male heirs to be lawfully procreated of his body, which also failing, to certain other persons and their male heirs and of tailzie nominated in the said infeftment, of all and sundry lands, baronies, mills, multures and others therein contained, united and annexed by virtue of the said infeftment in a whole and free barony to be called in all times coming the barony of Dundee, and granting the tower and fortalice of Dudhope to be the principal messuage of the said barony, and that the sasine taken by the said Sir James and to be taken by his heirs in time coming shall be sufficient at the said messuage of Dudhope, notwithstanding that the said lands, baronies and others therein contained lies not adjacent and together but in diverse places and sheriffdoms, which infeftment contains also a new disposition granted by his highness to the said Sir James and his male heirs and of tailzie foresaid of all and sundry the lands, baronies, mills, multures, woods, fishings and others particularly therein expressed, with advocation, donation and right of patronage of the parsonage of the kirk and parish of Dundee, with all right and title, interest, action and claim of right, both petitor and possessor, that his highness, his predecessors and successors had, has or may pretend thereto by whatsoever manner of way and with supplement of all default etc., as the said infeftment of the date at Holyroodhouse, 15 November the year of God 1580, passed under his highness's great seal, at more length purports. And further his highness and estates will, grant, statute and ordain that this present confirmation shall be as good, valid and effectual to the said Sir James, his male heirs and assignees as if his said infeftment were at length inserted in this present act and registered in the books of parliament; and also statute and ordain that the said infeftment and this present act shall be good, valid and sufficient rights to the said Sir James and his foresaids for holding and enjoying heritably in time coming as well as of all and sundry the lands, baronies, mills, multures, woods, fishings and others expressed and contained in the said infeftment as of all and sundry bonds, fees, customs, assizes, rents, profits, privileges, immunities and duties whatsoever granted by his highness or any of his most noble progenitors to the said Sir James or any of his predecessors, either as constable of Dundee for using of the office thereof, or for the bearing of his highness's banner in time of war, or for whatsoever other cause or occasion bypast to be intromitted with, uplifted, received and conveyed by him and his foresaids in time coming likewise and as freely in all respects as he or any of his predecessors did of before.

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