Ratification to [Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet], clerk register, and Master John Hay, his son

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and for his highness and his successors perpetually confirm the charters and infeftments after-specified made, given and granted by his highness or by the other persons underwritten, either to his well-beloved clerk and councillor, Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet, clerk register, or to Master John Hay, his eldest son, one of the clerks of council, and to the persons therein and after mentioned of the lands, annualrents, teind sheaves and others respectively underwritten therein specified, namely: one of the said charters made and granted by his highness to the said Master John Hay, his male heirs and assignees whatsoever heritably of all and whole the place and ground whereupon the chapel of the preceptory of St Anthony stood and was built, with the kirkyard, mansions, houses, buildings, chambers, yards and orchards of the same and whole pertinents thereof; as also of all and sundry the lands, tenements, annualrents, teind sheaves and other teinds, fruits, [...] particularly therein and under specified, ferms, tenants, tenancy and service of free tenants thereof, with the whole pertinents of the same, and all other commodities which justly pertains to the said preceptory and patrimony thereof, or which the preceptors of the same in any time bygone held or possessed, as the said charter of the date at Dalkeith 28 March 1591 at more length bears. Another charter of feu ferm made, given and granted by Francis [Hay], sometime [earl of Erroll]2 in parliament, with consent of diverse persons therein specified at whose instance he was interdicted, to the said Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet and Marion Farquhar, his spouse, the longest liver of the two, for all the days of their lifetimes, and to the said Master John and his male heirs whatsoever, of all and whole the lands of Tillymaud and Bullers of Buchan, with the craigs and fishings of the same and whole pertinents thereof, lying in the lordship of Slains and sheriffdom of Aberdeen, of the date at Stirling, 4 November the year of God 1585, with the charter of confirmation thereof of the date at Edinburgh, 27 August the year of God 1592; together with another charter made by his highness, with advice of his majesty's treasurer and comptroller, to the said Master John Hay and Marion Drummond, his spouse, and longest liver of the two, in conjunct fee and their male heirs and of tailzie therein specified, of all and whole the lands of Easter Kennet, with tenants, tenancy, service of free tenants, with the whole pertinents thereof lying adjacent together within the sheriffdom of Clackmannan; as also of all and sundry the acres, crofts, lands, annualrents and superiorities respectively underwritten, with the pertinents and others therein specified, as the same of the date at Holyroodhouse, 27 December 1593 bears, notwithstanding whatsoever our said sovereign lord's revocation, act or constitution made heretofore or in this present parliament under which the said charters and infeftments shall never be comprehended, but the same to be good, valid and sufficient to the said Master John and others therein mentioned for possessing of the lands and others therein contained. Likewise his highness renounces all action and instance competent to his majesty for impugning and quarrelling of the same or any of them, with an agreement not to petition, and with supplement of all faults, as well as not named as named, which his highness and estates foresaid will have as for expressed in the said act and to be as sufficient as the same were inserted and incorporated in this present act.

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  2. APS interpolation.