Ratification to David Seaton of Parbroath, comptroller

Our sovereign lord, the estates and whole body of this present parliament ratify and approve and for them and their successors perpetually confirms the infeftment, namely: charter, new gift and disposition therein contained, precept of sasine, with the instrument of sasine following thereupon, made and granted by our said sovereign lord in the year of God 1592 after his grace's perfect age, general and special revocations to his well-beloved and familiar councillor David Seaton of Parbroath, his highness's comptroller, and to the male heirs lawfully procreated or to be procreated of his body, which failing, to his nearest and lawful male heirs whatsoever bearing the arms and surname of Seaton, of all and whole the lands and barony of Parbroath, annexes and connexes thereof, whole lands, mills, towers, fortalices, manor places and others whatsoever at more length specified and contained in the same infeftment, in all points, heads, articles, clauses, conditions, provisions, circumstances, privileges and liberties whatsoever therein mentioned; and wills and declares that this general ratification and approbation of the forenamed infeftment, namely: charter, precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon is and shall be in all times coming of as great force, strength and effect to the said David Seaton of Parbroath and his male heirs above-written as if the foresaid whole infeftment, namely: charter, precept and instrument of sasine had been at length word by word engrossed and inserted herein.

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