Ratification to [John Erskine], earl of Mar

Our sovereign lord and the estates of this present parliament ratify and approve the gift of the office of the keeping of the castle of Edinburgh granted by his majesty to his right trusty cousin and councillor John, earl of Mar, lord Erskine and Alloway etc., with the assignation of the money and victual assigned therein for keeping of the said castle etc., in all and sundry points, heads, clauses and conditions therein contained after the form and tenor thereof, to the effect the said assignation of the victual and money above-specified contained in the said gift appointed for sustentation of the said castle and keeping thereof may be the more effectual. Our said sovereign lord and estates revoke, rescind, make void and annul all and whatsoever pensions, gifts, assignations or any other dispositions whatsoever made by his highness to the hurt and prejudice of the said assignation contained in the said gift and which may impede and stay the peaceable possession, uplifting and intromitting with the said victual and money therein contained in any way, decreeing and declaring the same pensions, gifts, assignations and dispositions to be null and of no value in all time coming.

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