Ratification to [Ludovic Stewart], duke of Lennox

Forasmuch as our sovereign lord has given and granted to his highness's dearest cousin Ludovic, duke of Lennox, earl of Darnley, lord Tarbolton, Methven and d'Aubigny etc. during all the days of his lifetime all and whole the temporality of the priory of Pluscarden, extending yearly to the sum of 700 merks money, as in the gift of pension granted to him thereupon under the privy seal upon 8 November 1592 at more length is contained; and his majesty willing that the said gift may be sure to the said Ludovic, duke of Lennox for possessing and enjoying of the same and sum of money above-specified during the time therein contained, therefore our said sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and confirm for his highness and his successors the said letter of gift and pension of all and whole the temporality of Pluscarden, extending yearly to the said sum of 700 merks, in all heads, points, articles, clauses and conditions specified therein with all that has followed thereupon; and will that this present ratification and confirmation is and shall be as valid, effectual and sufficient to the said Ludovic, duke of Lennox as if the said letter of pension and gift were expressly inserted herein, notwithstanding the act of annexation made in the parliament held at Edinburgh on 29 July 1587, to the which this present ratification shall make express derogation so far as may be extended to the said temporality of Pluscarden.

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