Ratification of the king's majesty's acquittances to the burgh of Dundee

Our sovereign lord, in presence of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies, approves and for his highness and his successors perpetually confirms the acquittance and discharge granted by his highness, with advice of the lords of secret council and of his highness's comptroller, to the provost, bailies, council and community of the burgh of Dundee and their successors of the sum of £20,000 as that part of his highness's tocher which were deposited and put in their hands by the said comptroller in his majesty's name, and of the whole arrears of the yearly profit of the said sum of all years and terms preceding the date hereof; granting therewith likewise the contract and appointment made permanent between the said comptroller in his highness's name on the one part, and certain commissioners of the burghs of this realm on the other part, of the date the [...] day of July 1590, to be fulfilled and kept in all points according to the tenor thereof by the said provost, bailies, council and community of the said burgh for their parts, as the same acquittance and discharge of the date 16 May last at more length purports; together with all and sundry points, articles, circumstances and conditions mentioned therein, willing, granting and declaring that this present ratification shall be as valid and effectual as if the forenamed acquittance and discharge were word by word engrossed in this present act; regarding which, and all defaults and defects that may follow thereupon, his majesty and estates foresaid by this charter dispenses for ever.

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