Act in favour of the new college of St Andrews

Our sovereign lord and his estates of parliament have ratified and approved and by the tenor hereof ratify and approve the act made of before in the parliament made at Edinburgh upon 29 July 1587 in favour of the new college of St Andrews, confirming the privileges and immunities granted to the said college, with the gifts of prebendaries, commons, chaplainries, annualrents, mails and other duties annexed and belonging thereto, wherein also it was statute and ordained that the said college should be free in all times coming from payment of any ministers' or readers' stipend serving at the kirks thereof, as the said act containing certain other clauses more amply bears; and ordain that this present ratification is and shall be as effectual as the said foresaid act and whole contents thereof were word by word inserted and engrossed herein; and likewise statute and ordain that the whole rents, fruits, commodities, emoluments and duties belonging to the said new college shall be free of all imposts, taxations, stents and all other kind of burdens whatsoever in all times coming, so that the whole rents and emoluments of the said new college wholly may be collected to the only use of the said new college for the professing of theology, for the which effect annuls and discharges by this act all and sundry gifts, rights and titles given or to be given to any person or persons of whatsoever prebendaries, chaplainries, alterages or other rents belonging and annexed to the said college in hurt and prejudice of the same.

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