Regarding the dissolution of the kirk of Nether Airlie

Our sovereign lord and his estates of parliament have dissolved and dissolve the parish kirk of Nether Airlie, parsonage and vicarage thereof, whole fruits, profits and emoluments of the same from the abbacy of Coupar [Angus] to which the same pertained of before, and is now vacant in his majesty's hands through being of Leonard [Leslie], present commendator of Coupar [Angus], lawfully denounced rebel and put to his majesty's horn, at the instance of Master John Abercrombie, lawful son to Robert Abercrombie, saddler, burgess of Edinburgh; and also at the instance of the said Master John, Isaac, Robert, Richard and Jeremy Abercrombie, lawful sons to the said Robert, for non-payment to them and each one of them respectively of certain monks' portions of the said abbacy, and through the said abbots being and abiding at the said process of horn above the space of a year and a day, as in the letters and execution thereof at more length is contained; by the which the said commendator has lost and forfeited the said abbacy, whole patrimony, profits, duties and emoluments thereof for his lifetime, and our said sovereign lord and his estates have erected and erect a rectory or parsonage at the said parish kirk of Nether Airlie, the rector and parson whereof shall serve the cure of the said parish kirk and shall be sustained upon the fruits thereof, the advocation, donation and right of patronage of the which kirk shall appertain to his highness's trusty and well-beloved councillor Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, knight, treasurer, his heirs and assignees heritably.

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