Prelates and other beneficed persons should have relief of their taxation2

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, for the better explaining of the relief granted to prelates [and]3 ministers provided to parsonages and vicarages, vicars and other beneficed men by the act made by the estates lately convened upon the taxation of £100,000 granted by them for the defray of the honourable charges of the prince's baptism, finds and declares that they and every one of them shall have their just relief proportionally of their part of this present taxation upon the feuars, vassals, pensioners and tacksmen of teinds of their several benefices.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.43r.
  2. This title is preceded in the mss by 'Regarding relief of the', crossed out, with the rest of the title written in a different hand.
  3. APS interpolation.