Regarding the chapel royal of Stirling

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, considering that his majesty's most noble progenitors of good memory, according to the example of other civil and Christian princes, founded the chapel royal of Stirling and conveyed certain lands, rents and benefices thereto for maintenance of a certain number of musicians to make residence and service in his highness's house and chapel at all times requisite, nevertheless, by the inopportune suit of sundry persons in his majesty's minority, the rents of the said benefice are so altered and conveyed that the said musicians are not able to make residence, nor there is nothing left to them to live upon, but that the said erection and foundation appears all utterly to decay; therefore his highness and estates foresaid retreat, rescind, make void and annul all tacks, pensions or other dispositions whatsoever made by his highness of the feu mails and duties of feu lands and of the duties of the tacks of teinds of the said benefice or any part of the same to whatsoever person or persons at any time heretofore, and decree the said tacks, pensions and other dispositions foresaid of the feu mails of the said lands and of the duties of the tacks of the teinds thereof to be null, saving only and excepting the assignations made to the ministers resident and serving the cures of the kirks of the said benefice.

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