Regarding the dispositions of the late Patrick [Adamson], [arch]bishop of St Andrews

Our sovereign lord and estates in parliament find, decree and declare all and whatsoever alienations, resignations or other dispositions made by the wife or bairns of the late Master Patrick Adamson, archbishop of St Andrews, and also all and whatsoever resignations received by the said bishop of lands or annualrents pertaining to the said bishopric of St Andrews or patrimony thereof. Upon the which resignations made by his wife or bairns, the said bishop gave infeftments to the persons and their heirs in whose favour the same resignations were made, to have been from the beginning and to be now in all times coming good, sufficient, lawful and valid alienations, resignations, assignations and dispositions to the persons in whose favour the same is made, their heirs and successors, notwithstanding the minority and pupilarity of the bairns of the said late bishop, against which alienations, resignations, assignations and dispositions the said minors, their heirs and successors shall never be heard in judgement, nor outwith, but the same to be of as great strength and effect as if the same alienations, resignations and other dispositions had been made by the said bairns at their perfect age of 21 years complete.

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