Act in favour of the ministry of Glasgow

Our sovereign lord, having consideration how that there was diverse rents and commodities endowed to certain chaplains and priests for giving in the new kirk of the college of Glasgow, and after alteration of the religion, there being a gift and disposition of the said chaplainries, rents and emoluments of the said college kirk to the provost, bailies, council and community of Glasgow, making and constituting them patrons of the same, to the effect that the same might be employed either in hospitality or other uses of piety, and the said provost and bailies and council, for advancing of good literature within this realm, endowed the same to certain bursars founded within the said college to be held at the school thereto, and that of the poorest of the town who otherwise had not the means to remain at the schools; and nevertheless, such has been the abuse in times bygone that the richest men's sons of the said town have been sustained upon the rent of the said chaplainries and foundation than they for whom the same was appointed, and the said provost, bailies and council willing to take away the said abuse and to employ the fruits and rents of the said chaplainries to better use, have altered and changed their former foundation of maintaining of bursars thereupon, and have deducted the whole rents and fruits thereof for sustentation of the ministry within the said city; therefore our sovereign lord, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, has ratified and approved this last foundation and disposition made by the said provost, bailies, council and community of the town of Glasgow of the fruits, rents, revenue, emoluments and duties of the said chaplainries appointed of old for sustaining of certain chaplains or priests for their service in the said college kirk of Glasgow, to the sustentation of the said ministry within the said city of Glasgow; and ordains the same to have effect in all time coming; and suppresses all other foundations and dispositions of the said chaplainries, rents, fruits and duties thereof either for suffering of the said chaplainries or priests, or for sustaining of the said bursars, ordains the same to cease in all time coming, and ordains the said foundation thereof to the sustentation of the ministry to have place in all time hereafter.

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