For punishment of committers of usury

Forasmuch as usury and ocker is a great crime condemned by the laws of God and all commonwealths, and yet has been over frequently used within this realm these diverse years bygone through want of a certain pain and punishment, therefore our sovereign lord, with advice of his estates in this present parliament, statutes and ordains that who ever commits usury or ocker in time coming directly or indirectly, that is to say takes more profit for the lending of money than as it comes to £10 in the year for £100, or £5 victual, and so proportionally, whether the same be great or small upon security, pledge or obligation, act or contract beforehand or after the year or time, shall be accounted and esteemed usurers and ockerers, and the party, payer or obliged for the said unlawful profit revealing the same shall have repayment of his pledge, security or discharge of his obligation, act or contract for his reward. And if the party, receiver, conceals the receipt thereof, whatsoever other man that reveals and verifies the said ocker shall have the said benefit and right to the sums of money given for ocker as the giver might [have]2 had in case he had revealed it himself, and the party, receiver of the said unlawful profit or contractor relating thereto, to lose the principal sum and stock which was employed by him for payment of the said unlawful profit and ocker.

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  2. APS interpolation.