Regarding the certain time of Lent, sparing of young flesh in the spring and breakers of Lent and other days forbidden to eat butcher meat

Our sovereign lord and estates in this present parliament, in respect of the great dearth and scarcity of all kind of butcher meat, statute and ordain that in all time coming the time of Lent shall be certain from 1 March inclusive to 1 May exclusive, and that no lambs nor young veal within one year old be slain or eaten before Whitsunday [May/June] yearly under the pains following. And also ratify, approve and confirm the acts of parliament made of before against the eaters of meat in Lent or on the Wednesday, Friday or Saturday in every week, except the penalty appointed in the said acts against the contraveners thereof, which our sovereign lord and estates foresaid make void, annul and hold that point of the same as deleted and reserve the said penalty as follows to the effect the same may be the better executed: That is to say, whosoever shall be tried to have contravened the same, for the first fault, shall be adjudged in the sum of £10 money; for the second fault, in the sum of £20; and for the third, in the sum of £40; and so ordain the pain to be multiplied according to the contempt and for every contravention of the said acts. And that the same may take the better effect, our sovereign lord and estates foresaid ordain that within burghs, his highness's treasurer nominate a sufficient person, and that every burgh nominate another who shall have power to try, search and seek whatsoever persons, contraveners of this present act, and pursue them before the justice general or his deputes monthly for the same. And in case of conviction of any person or persons, ordain the one half of the penalty to appertain to our sovereign lord, and the other half to the burgh where the conviction shall happen to be, to be employed by them as they shall think good. Which act our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid ordain to be put to execution in time coming without exception or pretence of any former licence granted before the date hereof, as well against the eaters as against the butchers, cooks, hostellers and other preparers thereof, and that no licence be granted hereafter unless a sufficient testimonial be shown to our sovereign lord's treasurer by a minister of God's word and doctor of medicine, apothecary or surgeon of the infirmity of the person that suits and craves the same, otherwise the licence to be null. And in case the person, obtainer of the said licence, be challenged for contravening of this present act, the licence shall not be sufficient to absolve the person accused, except the same, together with the foresaid testimonial, be likewise produced and shown in judgement.

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