For consideration of articles to be proposed in parliament

Our sovereign lord and his estates in this present parliament, having consideration of the great trouble and inconvenience at sundry parliaments through presenting of a confused multitude of doubtful and informal articles and supplications, for remedy whereof in time coming, statute and ordain that whenever the parliament is appointed and ordained to be proclaimed, a convention shall be appointed of four of every estate to meet 20 days before the parliament to receive all manner of articles and supplications concerning general laws or touching particular parts; which articles and supplications shall be delivered to the clerk register and by him presented to the persons of the estates to be considered by them, to the effect that things reasonable and necessary may be formally made and presented in a book to the lords of articles in the parliament time, and all impertinent, frivolous and improper matters rejected, and that no article or supplication wanting a special title or unsubscribed by the presenter shall be read or answered in that convention or parliament following the same. It is always provided that his majesty may present such articles as he thinks good concerning himself or the commonwealth of the realm at all times when he thinks expedient.

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