For trial of the truth of acquittances in suspensions

Our sovereign lord, with advice of his estates in this present parliament, understanding that in times bygone his highness and his treasurer have been greatly prejudiced regarding the escheats of such persons as have been orderly denounced rebels and put to the horn; and that through collusion of parties after their lawful denunciation, the escheats being come in his highness's hands, agrees with the parties at whose instance they are denounced, and intends reduction against the party, the king's treasurer and advocate for annulling of the process of horning and denunciation led against them and obtains decreet therein by production of antedated discharges and acquittances, as if the sums or cause they were charged for had been paid, done and fulfilled long before the denunciation. For remedy whereof, it is statute and ordained that whensoever any party grounds their reasons of suspension or reduction for annulling of hornings upon payment or satisfaction made before the denunciation, and produces acquittances and discharges thereupon, the producer thereof shall be held in presence of the lords to make faith, solemnly sworn that the acquittances and discharges produced are true in themselves, made and subscribed of the same date as they were produced; otherwise the users of the said acquittances not to be heard to ground any reasons of suspensions for annulling of hornings upon such acquittances and discharges, nor to use the same against his highness and his treasurer.

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